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These video resources have been developed specifically for couples and divorce professionals preparing to negotiate a divorce agreement through mediation, collaborative law, and settlement conference. Couples planning to negotiate their own divorce agreement without lawyers may find this material to be particularly helpful to developing fair, efficient, and civil agreements.

Introductory videos to negotiating

Negotiation  Chapter 1

Negotiation: Chapter II

Negotiation: Chapter III


Barriers to Divorce Resolution:  Learning to think like a negotiator

Barriers to Divorce Resolution is a three-scene DVD enactment of a couple negotiating aspects of their divorce. The scenes place the viewer in the position of a negotiator asked to help the couple, Robert and Helen, resolve their divorce related issues. The scenes are short (three to nine minutes) but present sufficiently complex issues for extended follow up discussion. The accompanying instructor notes suggest various discussion topics and significant issues. The material can be used to introduce negotiation theory and skills to parents, supplement negotiation training of legal, mental health, and financial professionals, and as a “warm up” exercise for negotiators immediately prior to collaborative law joint sessions or mediation.

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