Welcome Back, Pluto

Welcome Back, Pluto

Welcome Back, Pluto is a one-of-a-kind resource for parents, youth, and divorce professionals that provides accurate, useful information about parent child alienation. Written and produced by noted experts, Mark Otis and Richard Warshak, to appeal to both youth and adults, Welcome Back, Pluto is an efficient and effective way to educate family members and professionals who are touched by parental alienation.  It is the most powerful and only multimedia educational tool available to heighten family members’ awareness of the signs and causes of parent alienation and its tragic effects.  It describes how damaging alienation can be, speaks to the sad experience of rejected parents, and identifies the reasons that some parents alienate their children from the other parent. The use of this video will give family members tips and advice when parent alienation is happening or is at risk of occurring. Whether viewed in a therapist’s or lawyer’s office, a parent educator’s classroom, or a family’s living room, Welcome Back, Pluto is designed to make a difference.

Executive Producers:

Mark R. Otis and Richard A. Warshak

Written by

Richard A. Warshak and Mark R. Otis

Directed and Produced by

Tracy Ready for Trace Productions

Narrated by

Brandi Andrade

Expert commentary by

Richard A. Warshak